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Kurmittelhaus in the Kurpark

The ‘Kurmittelhaus’ (therapy centre) is considered to be one of the most gorgeous half-timbered buildings in the area. The Kurpark and the famous Kurmittelhaus with its stunning architecture attracts many visitors each year. The building accommodates the ‘Brunnenhalle” (fountain hall) with three curative springs and its salt drinking water. The Kurmittelhaus café is open all year round.


An invigorating sea breeze – Graduation Tower at the Kurpark

Since 1729, the graduation towers (also called ‘Salinen’ in German) in Bad Münster am Stein have been used for salt mining. The area produces a refreshing sea breeze, which is the result of evaporating salt water, which is soothing to the respiratory tract.

The Ebernburg Fortress

Built in 1338, the Ebernburg fortress gave its name to the part of town at its feet and is easily reached by foot or by car. Once you have climbed to the top, a restaurant with a terrace rewards you with a magnificent view. The Ebernburg is also an ideal starting point for a walking tour.


Fancy a glass of Nahe wine?

The following link will show you a list of vineyard wine taverns and ‘Strausse‘ (special wine taverns which only open during certain times of the year):

Vineyard tours – Learn more about viticulture

Between May and October winegrowers in Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg offer vineyard tours followed by a wine tasting.

You will find all dates for 2016 under:

Weinberge bei Mayschoß